International Research Conference

Engineering Research Outputs in Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical & Civil Streams

Worldwide Non-Attending Online Conference

Last Date of Submission:  21th October 2018

Conference Date: 28th October 2018

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IRC is an International Research Conference organizer, which promotes the research papers, research articles or research presentation through our website and other social media sources. Our team is dedicated for organizing online conferences of different different field or subjects time to time. We also promote good research papers on Google scholar and Scribd. The motto behind the vision of IRC is to involve more and more research scholar around the world saving time and exertion. Through online conference pattern IRC has made easy submission of paper and the participation of research scholars of distinct filed. We congratulate all the worldwide research scholars who are certainly doing a great job and improving day by day the level of inventions and discoveries. We invite each and every research scholar to participate in IRC conference of their subjects throughout the year.  

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